Would you like your town to have an igersmap?



If you're manigers...

in an instagramers.com community, send us a message at igersmapteam@gmail.com. You should know that to set up an igersmap you’ll need a bit of financing (not too much). If you write to us we’ll let you know all the details.

The financing will help you conceive, develop and carry out the whole project participation campaign, prepare the map technically and open your igersmap section on the web. These tasks are carried out by the IgersMap Team. Broadly speaking, in the process of creating an igersmap, the manigers take care of activating the project among the users in their community and the IgersMap team takes care of the internal management and all the technical tasks that involves.

If you're an Instagram user...

and you like the idea, suggest it to the manigers in your nearest community and give them our email address!

In any other case...,

if you’re a town council, an institution, an organisation, a company... don’t hesitate to write to us at igersmapteam@gmail.com. It’s always better to talk things over than to procrastinate over doubts!

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