What is IgersMap?



A new perspective

If you were going to spend a weekend in a town you’ve never been to before, would you like to know where its igers go to take their super-photos? IgersMap is a collaborative platform that answers this question, as its shows the towns through the eyes of their local instagramers and offers a new perspective so that visiting igers know where to go to take the best pictures. 

How did IgersMap com about...

The idea came from the @IgersTGN in Tarragona in 2014; specifically during the #PilonsParade, a popular festival in the city in which anyone who wants to can decorate one of the pilons or pillars that adorn Comte Street. The street where the festival is held, which is also known as #PilonsStreet, is a very busy thoroughfare and is always full of tourists, some of them igers, taking pictures. 

On that day, having personalised their pillar, the leaders of @IgersTGN observed how the community’s instagramers loved to have a place of "pilgrimage" like that. And that’s how they came up with the idea of asking them to pinpoint their favourite spots in Tarragona or, alternatively, to highlight those places they would take a visiting friend for the best photos of the city. #PilonsStreet became Ground Zero for the first IgersMapTGN experience. From that it has grown into a project full of generosity and passion.



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